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The Festival of Ascension

This Sunday we will celebrate the festival of Christ's ascension into heaven.

Scripture reading notes for 5/26

Instead of the assigned readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, this week we are celebrating the festival of Ascension.

Scripture reading notes for 5/19

The Fifth Sunday of Easter begins a transition from the resurrection to the times in which our Lord is no longer visibly present, yet is still with us.

ELS mission work in Peru

This is a short, 5-minute video about our ELS mission work in the national church in Peru.

Part of the Journey Is the End

NO SPOILERS, I haven’t seen the movie yet. It’s safe to read this blog post.

The first trailer for Avengers: Endgame was released months ago and featured a narration by Iron Man in which he says, “Part of the journey is the end.” Part of the journey is the end—except in comic books.

Now Trending, #easter

Google doesn’t acknowledge Easter. Or at least the Google doodle doesn’t.

For the past 18 years, the “doodle” logo atop Google’s home page – which is cleverly altered to recognize a person or holiday — has been empty of any visual reference to the empty tomb of Christ. The irony is delightful.

The church season of Easter

On Easter Day, we celebrate the astonishing, miraculous resurrection of Jesus, an event that changed the course of history. Yet the whole redemptive work, not only the one phase of the resurrection, is the object of Easter’s celebration.

Notre-Dame burning

We witnessed the tragic burning of Notre-Dame in Paris this week. Its construction was begun 859 years ago and took 100 years to complete.

Worship preview for Holy Week

On Maundy Thursday, the church recalls the events of Jesus’ life the day before he was crucified. This includes Jesus washing his disciples’ feet and the institution of the Lord’s Supper.

Good Friday is the most solemn of all days in the Christian church year. But the English title Good Friday reflects the joy of Christ’s completed act of redemption.

Avengers: Infinity War

The new Avengers movie will be released soon, at the end of April. It will be part two of “Avengers: Infinity War” released last year. The villain of the movies is Thanos (the word for ‘Death’ in Greek). In last year’s movie …