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The Second Sunday after Epiphany reveals the divine glory of the baby who was born in Bethlehem when Jesus performs his first miracle, at Cana in Galilee. Today, Jesus pours out the best wine for us too in the new testament in his blood of the Holy Supper.

Bible studies for 1/20

The Bible study options for this coming Sunday are:

  • “Catechism: The Lord’s Supper” with Pastor Ferkenstad

  • “A Biblical View of Self-Image” with Pastor Wiechmann

  • “500th Anniversary of the Leipzig Debate” with Pastor Don Moldstad

  • “The Star of Bethlehem” DVD documentary

A certain couple, wishing to keep a record of family events, spent more than a thousand dollars on a video camera and accessories. As soon as the teenage grandchildren and their friends saw the equipment, they wanted to use it. Because the camera represented a sacrifice and was precious to the grandparents, they laid down certain rules.

During the Epiphany season, we see the human Jesus identified as the Son of God. At the Baptism of our Lord on the First Sunday after Epiphany, the Father speaks from heaven claiming Jesus as his Son. The Baptism of Jesus was the beginning of his public ministry, and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon him anointed him to be our substitute and Savior.

The Festival of Epiphany is the second-oldest festival of the Christian church. It is always January 6th and marks the start of the next season of the church year.

During Jesus’ earthly life, he gave us an epiphany of God’s true identity—his nature, character, and love. If Christmas celebrates the fact that the Father gave his only-begotten Son to the world, then Epiphany is the unwrapping of this gift.

Merry Christmas!

During December we anticipated our Lord’s coming; now we celebrate that God-in-the-flesh has been born to us. Our Lord’s incarnation begins the whole story of our salvation...

I watched “Crazy Rich Asians” last week, a romantic comedy that was reviewed as one of the best films of 2018. One of the supporting characters gets to make her “hero’s speech” near the end of the movie as she walks out on her husband, who was having an affair. The trouble is, what she says is exactly backward.

The Advent Wreath is more than a pretty decoration. It is a trigger during the four weeks of the Advent season to turn our thoughts and heart toward Jesus.

Many different meanings have been given to the four candles and the other parts of the wreath. None are right or wrong. Here is one common interpretation of the meaning of the various parts of the Advent wreath.

Happy New Church Year!

We live in a time when we follow an annual calendar based on the orbit of the planet Earth around the sun. New Year’s day on that calendar is January 1st. The Christian church also follows a calendar, but based on the orbit of the Christian life around the Son of God.

The Book of Deuteronomy is a series of speeches from Moses, giving final words of wisdom and warning before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, challenging the next generation to be faithful to their God.