At King of Grace School, we want tuition to be affordable for every family.  God graciously gives all of His people gifts of time, talents, and treasures, in accordance with His will, to support the work of the church.  It is important that parents of students in the King of Grace community understand that when enrolling their student, they are making a commitment to support the work and ministry of King of Grace in proportion with the time, talents, and treasures that God has given them.  

The majority of our operating budget is derived each year from tuition.  It is appropriate that parents, when able, support King of Grace through tuition dollars.  However, in the case that full tuition is not affordable with the gifts God has given a family, financial assistance is allocated as a substitution for ministry support by tuition.

To be eligible for tuition assistance, please complete the King of Grace School Financial Assistance Application Form. Please list the appropriate information and submit it to the school office by April 15th. The tuition assistance committee will review your application and respond within 7-10 business days.