Some people like to sing in church. Other people don't. Should we ask everyone in worship to sing?

Some people like organ music, some like piano, some like guitar, some like drums. What kind of music should we use in Christian worship and living?

Pastor Petr Krákora from Plzen, Czech Republic, wrote an excellent article about these questions. Check it out by clicking here.

Grown-up men in our culture are not accustomed to sing in public. They would feel embarrassed if asked to sing aloud or before an audience. . . . Band and choir singing is for the talented, but congregational singing is for everyone.

When our Christian day school children perform their songs in church on Sunday, in front of their parents, grandparents and other people, they always see smiles on their family members' faces and get a big applause. Even when their singing isn't perfect, some of the children are off-key, and a few kids mess up the words while singing, they are all received by their parents with hugs and commendation. I believe this is how our church singing is received by our Father and our Lord Jesus.