The Church Season of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

During December we anticipated our Lord’s coming; now we celebrate that God-in-the-flesh has been born to us. Our Lord’s incarnation (Latin: becoming flesh) begins the whole story of our salvation, and changes the way we see God and ourselves, other people and the whole world around us.

At Christmas we celebrate Christ’s three-fold birth: from eternity he is the only-Begotten of the Father; he was born in the manger of the Virgin long ago; and now he is born through the waters of Baptism in our hearts today. As Mary gave birth to God’s Son by the Holy Spirit, so the Church gives birth to us as the children of God by that same Holy Spirit.

The Twelve Days of Christmas began December 25th and will last until the next Christian festival, the festival of Epiphany on January 6th (not beginning some time in November with Christmas music and decorations in the stores and then ending on Christmas). While retail stores have already put all their Christmas decorations and candy on clearance, Christians continue their celebration of Christmas. Since it is still Christmas, the Advent wreath may remain if you have one with all five candles lit. The Christmas tree and nativity can also stay set up.