"Deity and Death - They Go Together"
Mark 9:2-9
Rev. Aaron Ferkenstad

"Christians Have Difficult Lives"
Job 7:1-7
Rev. Erwin Ekhoff

"I Know Who Jesus Is - the Holy One of God"
Mark 1:21-28
Rev. Aaron Ferkenstad

"Come Follow Me"
Mark 1:14-20
Rev. Ben Wiechmann

"The Two Vital Questions That We Have"
Matthew 22:34-46
Mr. Karim Yaghleji

"What are we to do with the Christ Child?"
Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Ekhoff


The twelve days of Christmas culminate at the celebration of the Epiphany of our Lord on January 6th. The season of Epiphany highlights the appearance of the Son of God as the Savior of the whole world— both Jew and Gentile. God revealed the mystery of his person and his mission through the words and works of the Father, though the anointing and empowering of the Spirit, and through the preaching and miracles of Christ.

  • 1.
    Deity and Death—They Go Together
  • 2.
    Christians Have Difficult Lives
  • 3.
    I Know Who Jesus Is - the Holy One of God
  • 4.
    Come, Follow Me
  • 5.
    The Two Vital Questions That We Have
  • 6.
    What Are We To Do With the Christ Child?
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